Ivan Todorov

Georgiev, Todorov & Co
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Practice Areas

Administrative Law and Appeals
Mergers and Acquisitions.

Professional experience

Ivan Todorov is a managing partner in Georgiev, Todorov & Co. He is a professor in administrative law. He was a national consultant in a working group of the UN for institutional and structural reforms in the judicial system in Bulgaria. He participates as a member and rapporteur in the commission for drafting the Administrative Procedure Code, and also as a national expert in the UN programme for administrative modernisation of Central and Eastern Europe. For two mandates he was member of the board of directors of the largest law firm in Europe - Eversheds. He specialised in the University of South Carolina and in Tokyo – in the governmental АOTS. He is an honorary citizen of Columbia - the capital of South Carolina. He has 4 monographs, one of which was also published by an American publisher. Together with Prof. Kino Lazarov they have written a textbook in Administrative Law, with 4 revised editions.

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